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Birthday Parties

Our cupcake decorating parties are fun for kids of all ages!

Each party gets a reserved space for 1.5 hours in the store (the store will remain open while the party is in session).

An instructor will give a brief demonstration on a variety of decorating and frosting techniques.

Each participant receives a six pack of cupcakes to decorate and a paper chef hat.

Decorating supplies such as sprinkles, frosting, and fondant will be supplied. The decorating can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

The remaining time can be used for food, cake, or presents!

The cost is $28 a participant (minimum of 8 participants). An initial deposit of $28 (one participant) will be required at the time of booking.

To book your party, please call us at 763-323-3236 or email us at

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