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Daily Cupcake Flavors (Listed Left to Right) 

Mint Grasshopper: Mint cake with Oreo chunks baked in. Topped with mint Oreo whipped cream and chocolate ganache. 

Cherry Almond: Almond cake with chipped cherries. Topped with almond frosting, almond, and a cherry. 

Little Darrell: Chocolate cake filled with whipped frosting. Topped with chocolate ganache. 

Sea Salt Caramel: Vanilla cake filled with caramel. Topped with vanilla buttercream, caramel, and salt. 

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate cake with peanut butter cup pieces baked in. Topped with peanut butter buttercream and a peanut butter cup. 

Very Vanilla: Vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles. 

Root Beer Float: Root beer flavored cake topped with a root beer flavored whip frosting. 

Lucious Lemon: Lemon cake topped with lemon preserve & vanilla buttercream. Filled with lemon preserve. 

Red Velvet: Red velvet cake topped with a cream cheese frosting. 

Cookie Dough: Vanilla chocolate chip cake. Filled with cookie dough. Topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate chips, and a cookie. 

Cookies n' Cream: Chocolate cake topped with Oreo buttercream and an Oreo cookie.

Chocolate Lover: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream.


Gluten Free

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Very Vanilla

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Chocolate Lover

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Caramel Chocolate


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Double Chocolate

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Very Vanilla

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*Please note, although some products are advertised as gluten free, nut free, and vegan, we are not considered a gluten free, nut free, or vegan establishment. Please contact the bakery with any allergy questions or concerns.*